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Informal Health Market Dynamics

Future Health Systems

Other sudies have focused on understanding slices of the broader informal health market – who are IPs? Where do they practice? What type of services do they offer? But informal providers don’t work in isolation. They function within a network of peers (both formal and informal), suppliers, consumers and entire communities, each offering their own unique set of incentives and influences that impact IP behavior. This set of studies is looking to better understand these interactions in an effort to identify opportunities where interventions can affect positive change.
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ICTs and the changing health knowledge economy: how people find health information in Bangladesh

Future Health Systems

The overall aim of this project is to generate reliable evidence of how the poor are changing their health information seeking behaviour in the light of the changing information and communication technology (ICT) landscape, particularly in Bangladesh. The specific objectives are: to assess whether, and if so how, recent developments in ICT infrastructure and access are enabling poor people to adapt their health information seeking behaviour. to build and test a robust conceptual framework for understanding the links between ICTs, health information seeking behaviour (HISB) and poverty. Work packages include a literature review, key informant interviews, a meta-analysis of previous studies of ICT-poverty links, a quantitative survey, and targeted studies of specific ICT health initiatives. This project will inform FHS work under the 'stimulating innovations' theme.
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the Private Sector in Health Symposium

Future Health Systems

The Private Sector in Health Symposium is a biennial event. Since 2009 it has been held in advance of the International Health Economics Association world congress. The Symposium brings together researchers, implementers, donors and policy makers for dialogue and discussion. It is an unparalleled opportunity to hear the best and most recent research and to network with colleagues from around the world. This year, the symposium is being coordinated by members of the Future Health Systems consortium.
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